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According to footage obtained by TMZ, Rapper Cardi B recently shot a skit for “Wild ‘N Out” star Rip Micheals, who has a new show called “Off the Rip” that will air on MTV. The skit is causing an uproar among certain ethnic and racial groups.

In the sketch, Cardi stars as Coretta Scott King, the late wife of Martin Luther King Jr., in a skit dubbed “The Real Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement,” and argues with several other women over the civil rights leader, at one point referring to Dr. King as a “hoe.” King’s daughter, Bernice King, and eldest son, Martin Luther King III, have spoken up against the sketch, with Bernice King deeming it “repulsive.”

Also during the skit, Cardi joked that cleaning your vagina and butt with a towel is a Puerto Rican bath, a Haitian shower or a Mexican spa day. The skit is called “Ho Bath.” She gives advice to women who have had sex with a guy who leaves and then another guy is coming over soon, and there isn’t time to shower. Instead, Cardi says the trick is to grab a towel and rub it on the vaginal area and butt.

Cardi has since apologized to Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter and family.

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