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Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is running for governor of Florida and even though he has the most progressive platform, which includes abolishing Stand Your Ground, he is down in the polls. With the Democratic primary on August 28, Gillum has gotten a major endorsement from Bernie Sanders.

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Sanders said in an announcement Wednesday morning, “As governor, Andrew Gillum will work to provide health care for all through a Medicare-for-All program, raise the minimum wage to a living wage, invest in sustainable energy, improve education, make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share of taxes, and be welcoming to immigrants. Andrew has never backed down from a fight, including beating the NRA and standing up against xenophobic politicians. Andrew Gillum will set a new course for Florida — a governor who represents all the people and not just powerful special interests.”

Gillum responded via Twitter with, “It’s an honor to have Senator Bernie Sanders’ endorsement in this campaign.  From Medicare-for-All, to a $15 minimum wage, his ideas and platform have become the Democratic Party’s north star on economic justice for those who need it most.”

Gillum also responded via Twitter, “We ought to say what we believe. I think we have to stop trying to appeal to this magical, movable middle that we believe exists out there who are agnostic in a belief … I don’t believe that voter exists. I think people are principled around their beliefs. I believe that people have a theory of change. I believe that people aren’t vacillating on whether they want to go for Obama or want to go for Trump.”

Hopefully, this endorsement will give Mayor Gillum a surge in the polls.

For more on Gillium, please click here. And if you are in Florida, vote on August 28— especially if you are outraged by the Stand Your Ground Law and want a change.


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