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Chaka Khan

Source: Tanya LaNice / Tanya LaNice

There’s only one Legendary Queen who is truly qualified to proclaim, “What I got will knock your pride aside!” The incomparable Yvette Marie Stevens, better known as Chaka Khan, is an unshakable powerhouse who for over 45 years has gifted the music industry with distinct authoritative vocals and an unmatched talent that spans across several generations. An esteemed 10-time Grammy Award winner who just so happens to be in the studio working on new music, Khan has endured the tests of time and morphed into a lauded music Icon, actress, composer, philanthropist, author, humanitarian, fashion staple and much more.

Her hit songs “Sweet Thing”, “Tell Me Something Good”, and “Once You Get Started” with Rufus, as well as her incredible solo feats “What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me”, “Through The Fire”, “I’m Every Woman”, and the remake of Prince’s “I Feel For You” represent a mere taste of the array of timeless tunes in her repertoire that dominated Pop, R&B and Dance charts. She has influenced a plethora of artists in the industry who readily pay homage to her legacy – some doing so by sampling her tracks, but very few dare to offer vocal covers. There’s just no need to tamper with perfection.

Chaka Khan

Source: Tanya LaNice / Tanya LaNice

While many singers attempt to “re-invent” themselves in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing climate of musical tastes, Lady Chaka just seems to “present” herself as she remains highly sought-after on various platforms around the world. She has shown us her moves on Dancing With The Stars, provided beauty tips via Vogue, endorsed smartwatches for designer Kate Spade, served as a vocal judge on the UK’s Pitch Battle, and played the role of Sophia in The Color Purple on Broadway. As a savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur she created and marketed her own Chakalates gourmet chocolate candy, established the Chaka Khan Foundation to assist women and children at risk, and in the works is an upcoming Khana Sutra fragrance line.

Chaka is the mastermind behind a beautiful and empowering #ILoveMyself movement that promotes self-love and love for one another, which is precisely the world’s primary need. And while it may be a catchy hashtag as well as the title of her influential mantra single released in 2017 on her very own iKhan Sounds record label, “I Love Myself” is also Chaka’s stance in life. She’s a doting daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, and mentor and she possesses a big personality that exudes genuine love for people. Radiating a charismatic aura of familiarity and comfort, upon meeting her you will simply want to linger in her presence and absorb the energy. Only a sincere love from within can create such a space. And for those who love Chaka for a lifetime and want to share that space, she has launched a new website where she’s offering backstage VIP status at select shows to give a choice few the chance to experience the Queen of Funk up close and personal. Needless to say that these meet & greet spots are limited and highly coveted.

Khan is a woman of unique style and she delivers in a big way – fashionably and vocally. Whether she’s rocking fitted torn jeans or sparkling Swarovski, her impeccable attire on and off stage is as funky and engaging as her multi-octave range. Her shows are high-spirited and you can almost count on her to do that signature ”Chaka Shimmy”, play air guitar, and share laughs while being totally relatable – and people truly appreciate that.

Through pragmatic dialogue with sold-out crowds and using whimsically inspiring social media posts, Khan regularly administers a breath of psychological fresh air, infusing her fans with bursts of motivating directives seasoned with sassy endearment. She candidly shares from the soul, stirring others to tap into their inner strength and creativity to perpetuate change. And while Khan has not lived a life without its challenges and vicissitudes, which occasionally falls under the judgmental microscope of a sometimes overly-opinionated public, it does not stop her from picking up the pieces, moving forward and living a “Super Life.” She has garnered prestigious honors and various accolades from across the nation including McDonald Corporation’s 365Black Award, the Grammy Honors Award, Soul Train Legends Award, United Negro College Fund Award, an Honorary Doctorate from Berklee College of Music, a public street in her hometown of Chicago named “Chaka Khan Way”, and a BET Lifetime Achievement Award, just to name a few.

Chaka Khan continues to take confident strides to positively impact her sphere and do what she does best – sharing magnificent melodies. She is the quintessence of music and love that is worthy of every celebration, accolade, and beautiful flower. She is strong. She is Invincible. She is Every Woman!!

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