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Woman cramping on the floor

Source: Michael Poehlman / Getty

Women have been trying to explain the extremities of menstrual pain for centuries. Now doctors are finally coming to terms with the fact that the agony of period cramps as just as painful as other serious bodily malfunctions — such as a heart attack.

John Guillebaud, professor of reproductive health at University College London, told Quartz that there are patients who have described period cramps to be “almost as bad as having a heart attack.” According to reports, Dysmenorrhea, the clinical term for painful menstruation, interferes with the daily life of around one in five women. There’s still very little research regarding the condition as physicians are taught that ibuprofen should be good enough when presented with the symptoms.

Ladies, it looks like your days of being ashamed to complain about period cramps is coming to an end. One small for women, a little less smaller step for mankind.

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