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Ben Carson has clearly done a terrible job at being the secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development. He has been protested for trying to take away fair housing, he has been accused of using taxpayer dollars for private planes and he is reportedly being investigated for his family’s involvement at HUD. Now, there is a new accusation against Carson — the former neurosurgeon, via his wife, had a diva fit when a HUD official refused to glamorously redecorate his office, which would have cost tax payers thousands of dollars.

The Hill reports, “Helen Foster — a senior career official at the department — alleges in a complaint she filed with a watchdog for federal employees that she was asked shortly before President Trump‘s inauguration by then-acting HUD Secretary Craig Clemmensen to assist Carson’s wife with getting funding to redecorate his office.”  In the complaint, Foster told Clemmensen that there is a $5,000 legal limit in suite renovations, but she alleges Clemmensen told her to “find money” and “$5,000 will not even buy a decent chair.” $5,000 for a chair? Is this Ben Carson or Mariah Carey?

Shortly after this incident, Foster was demoted and replaced with an appointee from President Trump — even though just before the renovation demands, she had been given a performance rating of “excellent” in an annual review. In her lawsuit, Foster is demanding a public apology and to be reinstated as HUD’s chief administrative officer. HUD has refused to comment on the lawsuit.

Maybe Carson and his wife wanted to renovate his office with more paintings of Dr. Ben and Jesus.


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