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President Donald Trump hasn’t forgotten his pledge to roll out a fix for what ails the African-American community. And on Wednesday (Feb. 21), one of Trump’s most trusted Black aides promised that it’s in the pipeline. Yet given the president’s track record on race, no one should expect more than a waste of paper.

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Darrell C. Scott, a Cleveland-area minister and staunch Trump ally, is overseeing development of the administration’s Black People Plan (not the official name, but it should be), the pastor told The Daily Beast.

The 13-point “Urban Revitalization Plan” is supposed to be the president’s answer to his insulting campaign pitch to Black folks: “What do you have to lose?” which was followed by his claim that he has a solution for poverty and lack of educational opportunities.

“This is the president fulfilling his campaign promise to the African-American community,” the pastor stated.

Scott claimed that he’s working mostly outside the administration to pull the plan together. But that’s probably Trump’s way to keep Scott occupied on a project that’s going nowhere.

The Trump administration declined to indicate a roll-out date for the so-called revitalization plan. Meanwhile, the White House is sharing no details about what’s in the plan, other than describing it as a public-private partnership involving elements of affordable housing, women’s empowerment training, financial literacy and the like. The plan does not involve legislation, which indicates that there’s no serious effort here.

Trump’s Black pastor sounds like he’s feeling very important with his frequent visits to the White House to discuss the plan. Over the past several months, Scott has met with Chief of Staff John Kelly, other senior staff and Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, whom the pastor nicknamed “J-Rock.” Scott described J-Rock as “the driving force behind” the president’s Black People Plan.


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