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While gossip columnist Jawn Murray recently reported that Netflix initially offered Mo’Nique $3million dollars for a comedy special, instead of $500K, the Oscar-winning actress pulled out the receipts to prove that she was telling the truth.

And from what we can now see, the deal she was offered was much worse than we thought.

According to Salon, after accusing Netflix of gender and racial bias for offering her a measly $500K for a comedy special, while paying others up to $13 million, Mo’Nique posted on social media screenshots of an email from Netflix that listed a series of unreasonable terms if she agreed to work with them. This included, barring her from taping or negotiating another comedy special with any third party for a year or more and taking ownership of her broadcast rights for up to two years.

That’s just the beginning.

For the two years after the premiere of her special, Netflix asked that “Mo’Nique not perform or use the material from our special in any recorded program (audio-only or audio-visual work), Salon noted. So basically they would own her jokes and she couldn’t work elsewhere all for $500K.

It’s unclear if these are the same type of stipulations that other comedians that have Netflix specials such as Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and Katt Williams were told to agree too as well.


Clearly, Black Twitter had a lot to say about this, especially in since a lot of folks were quick to call Mo’Nique a liar and a diva in the past weeks.

As we previously reported, two weeks ago, Mo called for a boycott of Netflix, accusing of them undermining Black female talent, stressing to TMZ that she is the most decorated comedian alive and should have been offered as much as her Black male and white female counterparts.

“Even though Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are considered men, they are considered legends. Yet Robbie Praw said ‘Mo’Nique is a legend. I am not disputing what they got, they are deserving of that. Those brothers are legends. However, when you put out our tenure together, I think Chris may have been in the business maybe five years longer than me. I think David and I pretty much started at the same time,” she stressed.

When asked point blank does she think that Netflix mistreats Black women, her response was simple.

“My answer is yes. I am proof of that.”

Shortly after Mo came forward with her story, it was later revealed that Wanda Sykes was only offered $250K for a comedy special by Netflix. However, she walked away and signed with EPIX, getting the money that she felt she deserved.

As I’ve said before: Whether or not you like Mo’Nique or believe that she deserves as much money as Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle, it can’t be denied that the proposed Netflix deal is somewhat beneath her. Not to mention, these stipulations are extremely questionable.

Most importantly, there is nothing wrong with a Black woman demanding to be paid her worth!  If Tracee Ellis Ross can do it with our support, why can’t Mo?

BEAUTIES: What do you think about the deal Netflix offered Mo’Nique? Does she deserve better than what was put on the table?


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