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The perfect pout

Source: PeopleImages / Getty

Ladies… we’ve all been to cosmetic stores and used a sample or two to find the right match or color. Well, a woman is suing Sephora, claiming she “got the herpes virus from sampling lipstick,” “without warning of the risk of getting herpes and other diseases” from trying on makeup samples at the store.

According to dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe, “You can catch the herpes simplex virus from inanimate objects such as lipstick. In fact, that virus can survive on the surface of a lipstick tube for up to a week.” Yikes! Don’t think you’re just at risk for herpes, there are other bacteria and viruses that you could contract too. Investigative reporter Jeff Rossen went undercover to popular stores and collected makeup samples for testing. According to his report, some samples contained harmful bacteria like E. coli and Klebsiella pneumonia… which… according to the report, is normally found in the intestinal tract that are expelled with feces. Not to mention… some tests came back positive for Staph.

Ok, that’s enough. Just be careful this holiday season when you’re searching for the right shade for that party.