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While the thought of having to pay $30,000 per month to someone who allegedly strayed from their marriage isn’t the most ideal divorce settlement for most people, Mary J. Blige may have found the smoking gun to put an end to her ex Kendu Isaacs outrageous spousal support requests.

According to TMZ, the couple are $11.6 million in debt, most of which belongs to the IRS. Because their community estate is in the negative, Mary’s solution to their divorce settlement is for Isaacs to payer her roughly $6 million for his half of their debt.



The documents filed by Blige state that she shouldn’t have to pay Isaacs spousal support, and also pay his half of their joint debt. While being in this much debt is outrageous for even MJB, this may be Mary’s ticket out of paying $30K per month for the next five years.