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It’s a wonderful feeling to be back for another week of Love And R&B with John Monds. A special shout out to all the SCORPIOS who can begin celebrating at midnight! Give us your shoutouts and request at 844-258-8762, along with your advice for tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Nadine is 33 and really into 32 year old Robert, who she started seeing a couple of months ago. He said he wanted to take things slow and she agreed. Last weekend, Robert invited Nadine to his home. Nadine says in all honesty, she thought he was ready to make a move, instead, Robert was holding a bible study at his home. Nadine feels that he is trying to save her soul instead of romancing her. Nadine likes Robert but she’s not sure if he’s equally into her. Nadine’s confused and seeks advice in dealing with a very religious Robert. What would you suggest she do?

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