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Gucci Mane’s highly anticipated 10/17 wedding isn’t the only thing that Twitter is celebrating today.

Fans of the late, great Selena Quintanilla are overjoyed that the Mexican-American star’s life is finally being commemorated on a major scale. On Tuesday, Google premiered their first-ever Selena Quintanilla Google Doodle — an animated singing cartoon of the Latin music star designed to celebrate her life and legacy.

October 17, 1989 was also the day of Quintanilla’s first studio album release, Selena which is still revered by Latin music fans to this day. But why now, in 2017, is Selena being honored more than she was in all the years since her death? Perla Campos, Global Marketing Lead for Google Doodles and project manager for the Selena Quintanilla Google Doodle told Billboard, “I grew up as the daughter of a Mexican immigrant single mom living in a small (primarily white) town outside of Fort Worth, Texas. There were always two women who taught me I could do anything and be anything I set my mind to: my mom and Selena. Selena has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I took my new team lead aside and said, ‘look, I’m really passionate about this and know we could make something really amazing. Can we delay and can you give me some time to make this great?’”


According to Billboard, Selena’s sister, Suzette Quintanilla admits she never thought to have a Google Doodle created of her late sister, saying, “It never crossed my mind, to be honest,” she said. “It just speaks volumes to all the youth that are out there.”

Suzette and Perla aren’t the only ones super excited for the doodle — Selena fans on Twitter ecstatic:


Congrats to the Quintanilla family. The honor is long overdue.


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