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It’s been a fun week short week for many and we hope you’ll stick around for our last night together for the week. Do we have any married couples that have called off their wedding before eventually tying the knot? Call 844-258-8762 and share your advice for Jamison’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Jamison and Linda have been together for 3 years and engaged for 2. During the two years Linda has called of their wedding a total of 3 times. Each time she blamed Jamison for small things he did to upset her, but nothing major to cause them to part ways. They’ve gone to counseling and have gotten back on track, but Jamison is upset that Linda called of their upcoming wedding in November all because she’s upset that he doesn’t want to eventually move down south. Linda has had it with the cold winters and wants to make a 5 year plan to relocate but Jamison doesn’t want to live in the south. Jamison’s asking, is this reason for calling off the wedding just a cover-up for a bigger issue?