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Some memes aren’t funny and the Internet was not hear for it. Wayne Welsh, a police officer from the Estherwood, La. Police Department faced some serious heat for a racist post he shared to his Facebook. After defending his post and trying to divert from his racism, he has reportedly decided to step down from his position.

The meme shows an image of an old school White mom pushing her blonde daughter’s head in the water. The words underneath, “When your daughters first crush is a little Negro boy.”

KATC, the first outlet to report this story, stated that he posted an official apology at 5PM on Monday; however, Twitter users shared other comments he made from earlier trying to justify his meme and message.

His apology stated, “Well, I posted something on Facebook that made a lot of people ma. We;;, I’m sorry for what happen. Ya have a blessed day.”

According to KATC, he also posted about the “race card,” and people wanting to peg him as a “bad guy.”

Nevertheless, this “saint” also posted more racist memes, including this one making fun of Muslims in burqas.

He also had posts praising Donald Trump and putting down elected women officials in power, Democrats, and more. This is so disturbing

KATC spoke with Chief Ernest Villejoin Sr., who said that although Welsh has apologized, he does not tolerate or condone this kind of behavior, and personally apologized for Welsh’s actions.

The power of the Internet, y’all.



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