Retail Giant Sears Casts Doubt On Future Of Company

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One White woman in a New Jersey Sears couldn’t deal with a Latinx couple taking their sweet time in line, so she decided to be racist. “Go back to your country,” the White woman screamed to the couple. They were trying to get their coupons together, but the White woman could deal. A man even backed her up saying, “Let’s drain the swamp.”

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The White woman goes on to call the couple “Indian,” before she storms off to another area of the store. Her racist backup man follows.

In spite of all of the White terror flooding the store, no one defended the victims and the White gang wasn’t even removed by store managers. Management did not apologize for the racists’ behavior either, only one employee reportedly tried to calm the White woman down. You can watch video of the incident below.

Simoni Lovano, the person who recorded the video, told WKXW, “Nobody intervened to actually address her hateful comments.” She continued, “I feel guilty as well that I didn’t speak up. I was so angry I was almost shaking and it was very hard for me to say something.”


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