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Was your weekend everything you needed it to be? If the answer is no, you’ve still got a few more hours to get it right. Join LRNB Radio until midnight for some Love And R&B compliments of John Monds. Call 844-258-8762 with your requests and comments on tonight’s  #OHSOREALScenario:


Priscilla is 47 and has been on the dating scene for 3 years since getting divorced. She says she will remarry if the right man came in her life, but it’s not a priority. There are 2 men she enjoys spending time with, but for different reasons. Fred is a world traveler who is looking to get married again. The other guy Randall is very funny and spontaneous.


While Fred is more stable and relationship oriented, he doesn’t excite Priscilla the way Randall does. Randall says he has no plans to re-marry but he might be open to having a committed relationship one day. Tonight Priscilla wants your input, would she be wrong to continue seeing both men and should she let the guys know about each other?

Have you ever been caught in between two? Leave your advice for Priscilla below…it’s all #LoveAndRnB! 

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