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Our week together is coming to an end at midnight but let’s meet up at the same time on Sunday, deal?! Tonight we have a grown folk conversation that needs to happen and Charlene is asking for your firsthand experience. Call 844-258-8762 and share your advice or post your comments below on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Charlene 25 and Joey 32 had a good run during their 3 year relationship but after having their first child a year ago, Charlene realized Joey was never going to grow up. Charlene found herself at home alone with their son so often, she called it quits in February.

Last weekend Joey kept their son and when Charlene went to pick up their child, the baby’s clothes smelled like marijuana but Joey claims he smoked in a separate room. Charlene doesn’t want her son around smoke but she also doesn’t want to keep Joey from spending time with their son. What advice would you offer to these new co-parents? 

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