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Thanks for kicking it with LRNB Radio for another week of classic R&B music and grown folk convo you won’t get anywhere else! We enjoy discussing real life issues so if you or someone you know would like to hear your dilemma ironed out by some “loving listeners”, send a private inbox message on Facebook and the names will be changed to protect everyone’s identity. Call 844-258-8762 and offer “Vivian” some clarity on her  #OHSOREALScenario:

After having his only child with his ex-wife, Phillip knew he didn’t want to have any more kids. He married Vivian 11 years ago, but before getting married, they agreed to not have any kids. Vivian’s sister died in a car accident along with her husband, leaving behind 2 kids, ages 4 and 6.  There are other options, but Vivian asked Phillip to help her raise the 2 kids.  Phillip said no based on their no kids agreement and even threatened to divorce Vivian if she adopted the kids. Vivian thinks that under the circumstances, he should be flexible and accept the kids.  What advice would you offer this couple?

Is Vivian asking too much of Phillip after their prior agreement? Or is Phillip being too harsh on Vivian’s reality? Share your thoughts below or on Facebook at #LoveAndRnB! 

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