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Relationship Problems

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Happy Tuesday Lovers! We’re almost to the week’s hilltop and by the time tonight’s show is done hump-day will be here. If you have a song request or special dedication you’d like to send out to someone leave them here on the page or call 844-258-8762 to make your request in person. Of course we’d also like to converse with on our nightly topics like this #OHSOREALScenario:

Sharay and Raheem have been talking for about 3 weeks and are still getting to know each other. Raheem has been divorced for a year, but has not mentioned why the marriage failed. Sharay’s curious about Raheem’s last relationship so she asked him what happened and he said she’s being too nosy.  Sharay thinks asking questions is a normal part of getting to know someone but is wondering if Raheem has a point. Is there a valid reason Raheem would not want to share why he’s divorced or is Sharay being too nosy too fast?

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