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Conflict, arguement between African descent couple. Sadness, crying, anger.

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If you listen to LRNB Radio you might agree the show helps the week go by faster. Our last day together is Thursday’s so by the end of tonight you’ll be walking through the weekend’s doors. Join us every Sunday-Thursday and check in below with your comments. Everyone’s opinion matters here so call 844-258-8762 with your thoughts on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Lashay and Wanda, both 32, have been close friends since their mid-twenties.  While they don’t consider each other best friends, they do hang out in the same group a few times a month.  Lashay broke up with her boyfriend of a year less than a month ago and just found out through friends, that Wanda is now going out with her ex.  Is Wanda wrong and should Lashay end the friendship over the ex?  What do you think?

Is Lashay overreacting about her friend dating her ex? Or was Wanda never a real friend in the first place? Share your advice for Lashay below or by posting on our Facebook page…it’s all #LoveAndRnB! 

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