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While Hillary Clinton was riding high after the first presidential debate, Donald Trump was pointing fingers and laying blame for his lackluster performance.

“The Donald” phoned Fox and Friends, where he accused NBC debate moderator Lester Holt of going easy on Clinton and complained his microphone had been sabotaged. During his own commentary on NewsOne Now, Roland Martin said it wasn’t the microphone, but Trump’s “mouth (that) didn’t work.”

A day after the debate, Trump also looked to score political points by saying he took the high road by not bringing up Bill Clinton’s infidelities.

NewsOne Now panelist Joe Williams, Senior Editor of U.S. News & World Report, called Trump’s ongoing string of deflections more of “classic Trump.”

Williams continued to explain how Trump did not adequately prepare for the debate and attempted to “wing it.” According to Williams, “Trump has tried to do the same thing his entire campaign.”

Williams summed it up: “We saw Donald Trump on full display.”

Avis Jones-DeWeever, author of How Exceptional Black Women Lead, said not only was Trump’s debate performance more of the same, the often times bombastic politician “doesn’t take responsibility for anything, even his own preparation.”

Trump “was embarrassed on national television, with 80 plus million people watching, now he’s trying to go back and clean it up,” Jones-DeWeever said.

She continued her harsh critique of Trump: “The fact of the matter is, he showed himself to be the underqualified, uneducated, uninformed person and frankly, hateful person, that he actually is.”

Watch Roland Martin and the NewsOne Now panel discuss the aftermath of the first presidential debate between Clinton and Trump in the video clip above.


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