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The Power season three finale was a doozy. It opens with Greg getting the call from one of his cop friends about them finding Ruiz’s body. Greg managed to get the recorder/button off Ruiz’s body, but he’s in hot water because the feds found out that he was working with Ruiz on the side.

Ghost was on the scene, spying, and watched the police discover Ruiz’s body. He called Angela to see if there was an indictment was coming against he and Tommy for killing Lobos (he thought Ruiz was going to snitch on him), but Angela is in the dark. She said she’d ask about Ruiz and give him the scoop, but she’s only protecting him because it’s in her best interests. Now Ghost is freaking out because there could be stuff on that recording that could implicate him in multiple felonies. He meets up with Proctor to try to figure out a game plan, and Proctor said that if anything, it will fall back on Tommy, but if Ghost is on there he’s going down.


Ghost’s legit life is going well. He and Karen Bassett are now officially in business. Truth is all set to go global and there will be a major party to celebrate. Milan overheard that conversation and has decided that they will kill Ghost at his black tie party after he signs the contract with the Bassetts. It’s in Milan’s business’s best interests, obviously. He’s basically trying to get his drugs sold at Truth.

Greg listened to the Ruiz tape at his Homeland Security friend’s house. At the same time, Ghost had broken into Greg’s apartment to see what’s really good. He spotted Greg’s case wall with all the photos and documentation, and stuck around long enough to catch wind of Angela’s visit to see if Greg was home. Homegirl had the key! Ghost hid as she called out to Greg. Meanwhile Greg listened to the Ruiz Recording and felt that he got enough info from the tape to bring down Tommy and to implicate James as Ghost (he actually didn’t though), and to implicate Angela as the Lobos leak. His homeland security friend tried to talk sense into him, but Greg and rational thinking don’t go together, especially when he’s laser-focused. Later on, Greg confronted Ghost about Lobos, working with Tommy and how Angela was the inside man. He tried to get Ghost to give someone up and promised to cut him a deal. You know Ghost was looking at him like:


There’s no real proof that James is Ghost yet, so he played it cool, but you could tell he felt some type of way that Greg was throwing Angela in his face—about how they’ve been hooking up and how Angela wouldn’t hesitate to turn on him, etc.

Tommy informed Ghost of Milan’s plan to kill him, which means that Tommy was loyal all along and they have to figure out how they’re going to take Milan out first.

Greg, still at his shenanigans, went to try to get Mike Sandoval’s help to try to bring Angela down, but then he got an important phone call laced with information that caused him to figure out that Mike was Lobos’ mole all along. That’s when Mike came up with the plan for them to frame Angela as the so that they can finally get this off their backs. Greg decided not to go dirty and that he was going to take Mike in, so Mike killed Greg.


Mike framed Greg as the Lobos leak. The other agents didn’t believe it, especially not Angela, but they were at least relieved that the heat was off their backs.

Angela and Ghost met up at their favorite diner. Ghost told her that he had seen Greg the night he was murdered (not knowing Greg was dead). He told Angela that he’d do anything to protect her. This led her to believe that killed Greg. She cut her convo with Ghost short and didn’t tell him a thing about Greg. She later went to Greg’s apartment, dusted for fingerprints and ended up right outside the window where Ghost broke in.


Meanwhile, Tariq, the dumbest kid on TV, has still been mixed up with “Slim” (Kanan). He even dropped a package (of guns) off for him. That package got him “arrested” and led him straight to Jukebox. Basically, it was a setup. They wanted to see if he would snitch. He didn’t so now it looks like he’s down with the crew. However, Jukebox told Kanan not to get attached to Tariq, which is what it was looking like, and that he better get Ghost’s money and then kill Tariq for a flawless victory.

Cut to the big event! It’s the black tie party at Truth. All the shot callers are out in full effect. James is being his charming self and it looks like all is good, but once he signed the paperwork with the Bassetts, Milan slid in and tried to kill him. That’s when Ghost and Tommy’s plan was activated. With the help of the latter two’s goons, (including Tasha, Dre and a few other folks) really came through to help round up Milan’s goons in the spot. They took Milan to his warehouse where Tommy and Ghost finished the job. Tommy’s goal was to get rid of the connect so that he can become the connect (Tommy turned some of Milan’s men against him). Ghost told Tommy that it was over, meaning that he was out the game—for real, for real this time—and went back to the party.


When Tasha got home, she found her daughter, but no Tariq. That’s when she got word that Tariq was hanging out with “Slim.” Tariq was still kicking it with Jukebox, Kanan and company. He mentioned that he should go home, but they slipped him a drink that put him to sleep. That’s when Kanan took a photo with knocked out Tariq and texted Tasha the pic, which featured just Kanan’s signature tatted arm draped around Tariq—and said that if she wants him back she’ll have to pay up.

Back at the club, James was living it up, but then Angela stepped up in the place and arrested Ghost for killing Greg, and got escorted out on his big night. Damn.

Season four is going to be LIT!!!! What we know thus far based on this episode is, Tommy plans to sell drugs in Truth behind Ghost’s back, with Ghost dealing with his legal drama, Dre might be the one to step up and run things, and of course, Ghost has to get rid of Kanan for good.


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