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You just heard the sounds of Teddy Pendergrass on the Summer Mini Concert Series. We played everyone’s all time favorite “Joy” and the classic “When Somebody Loves You Back” to name a few hit songs. Tune in tomorrow for music by Chante Moore and ride with us until midnight. We need all experienced listeners to step up and help out a #Lover who has an involved scenario. Post your comments on Facebook or call 844-258-8762 with your take on this ‪#‎OHSOREALScenario:

Jennifer and Franklin broke off their relationship 9 years ago after realizing they just weren’t compatible. They had 3 children who now range in ages from 11 to 16 during an 8-year relationship and continue to co-parent. Jennifer says Franklin is a great father to their kids. Franklin kept the kids for the summer and last weekend brought them home to Jennifer to prepare for the school year. During his 3 hour ride back home, Franklin received a text from Jennifer stating that she and the kids are moving in with her new fiancé who lives in a different town.

Jennifer claims she has a hard time talking to Franklin and didn’t know how to tell him when he was there. Franklin feels Jennifer is wrong for not discussing this in person and never introducing the man who will be around his children. Franklin is wondering what, if anything, he can do about this plan. Is there an obligation for Jennifer to share what she is doing with Franklin to get his input or is she ok with making the decision to move on even when it involves the kids?

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