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Thank you for tuning into #LoveAndRnB with John Monds! If there’s something special you’d like to hear, shoot us an inbox message on Facebook or call 844-258-8762. Right about now let’s get into some #grownfolkconversation you might be able to relate to. Someone listening needs your dating advice for her #OHSOREALScenario:

Sophia stepped out on her marriage of 12 years with a man she met at work. While she and her husband were not having major issues, she feels she allowed herself to become comfortable enough to cheat after befriending her male coworker over a 4-year period. One evening after work they had drinks and ended up sleeping together. The affair lasted for 6 months before Sophia’s husband found out and filed for divorce. 

Sophia’s husband told his family and close friends the reason they split.  10 years later Sophia and her ex-husband have reconnected and decided to move back in together but Sophia is having a hard time getting her in-laws and old friends to accept her. What can Sophia do to regain the trust of her in-laws and close friends she hurt by having an affair?

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