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Did you enjoy the soul food we served tonight made by soul savior Al Green? We hope you’re full and ready for another work week. Tomorrow we’ll continue our #SMCS but right now we have a mother who would like your take on her situation. Call 844-258-8762 or go to our Facebook page and share your advice for tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Olivia 31 was adopted and raised by her grandparents since she was only 1. Her birth mother Nina was a teen mom and the grandparents felt taking Olivia was best. Nina never wanted to give up her child and feels they gave her no options. She moved away at 18 and wanted to take Olivia but they wouldn’t allow it. Nina came back to visit whenever she could, sent Christmas gifts, and called Olivia but missed most of her childhood. Olivia struggled with feeling abandoned, especially after the grandparents she called mom and dad both passed away within the last 5 years.

Nina now 46, recently moved back into the family home and is trying to make amends, but feels Olivia doesn’t respect or trust her. What advice can you offer to Nina to build a strong relationship with her birth daughter? Should she focus on simply being friends and give up on the mother/daughter bond she is looking for?  

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