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Contrary to popular belief, Scandal isn’t nearing its end.

TV producer Shonda Rhimes was minding her own business on Wednesday morning when she was misquoted by Good Morning America. Shonda took to Twitter to quickly set the record straight…

From EW:

After showing photos posted on social media of the cast returning to work, Lara Spencer said, “A little bittersweet however, because it has been said that this is also going to be the final season.” Michael Strahan immediately responded, asking, “Who said that?” “I’m afraid to say, Shonda Rhimes said it,” Spencer said.

Soon after, Shonda tweeted:

Lara Spencer then corrected herself and apologized for the mistake on air:

“We said that this was the last season of Scandal. Shonda has weighed in, she just tweeted, and she said we made her spit out her coffee. My apologies. She said she has an ending in mind, but that ending is not happening this next season. So, thank you, Shonda…. We can all breathe, because as you guys know, it is my absolute favorite show. So correction: Ending in mind, but when that ending is happening we don’t know. So, to be continued on the Scandal scandal. More Scandal. So Shonda, thank you, I’m sorry I made you spit out your coffee.”

To which Rhimes responded:

It didn’t take long for Lara to reveal her first and foremost priority – gladiating:

Seems all is well in Shondaland. Scandal returns to a television near you in 2017, to accommodate for Kerry Washington’s current pregnancy. Leave your thoughts below.


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