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After Donald Trump’s dark and angry Republican Party presidential nominee acceptance speech, Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, spoke to John Avlon, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Beast, about Trump’s remarks and the tone of the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Avlon explained what the nation is seeing at the RNC is “nothing normal,” despite outward appearances. He added, “There is a moral exhaustion even among Republicans.” 

Avlon said a surprising number of Republican delegates are quietly saying amongst themselves, “Oh, I’m not voting for him.” 

In direct response to the vitriol and rhetoric being tossed around at this year’s RNC, Avlon said, “We’re watching the birth of White identity politics.” He added this submovement is active “beneath the Trump movement.”

Avlon said Trump and certain Republicans are not selling “policies, prescriptions, or visions.” They are essentially selling “bumper stickers that tap into economic and cultural resentment, primarily from White folks.” The Americans that prescribe to this particular brand of politics “feel that the demographic changes in the country are not working their way.”

As a result of this sentiment, they want to “take our country back.”


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