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Chris Brown involved in more legal trouble, as he had to pay a fine in Amsterdam for riding a motorcycle without a license. And driving while HIGH!

It’s legal to smoke marijuana in Amsterdam and Chris was having fun. A little too much fun. When he got on his ATV, that’s when the fun ended.

Chris posted a video on Instagram commenting, “So we’re in Amsterdam. We’re in the police station. We’re gonna pay this da** fine. Didn’t have no tags, bike life.”

He later posted “Public service announcement, kids, Do not ride motor vehicles without license plates. Sorry, we just bought the bikes, forgot about the license plate. So we’re handling the situation as is. But the police are really nice about it, man. I actually like the police out here. Cool as s***, for real.”

He’s so lucky that they were cool. That dude stays in trouble…geesh!


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