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Beauties, the Summer is quickly approaching and we here at Hello Beautiful want to make sure that you will be looking your best! We had the chance to sit down with swimsuit designer, Dumebi Iyamah of Andrea Iyamah, to get some answers on getting the best swimsuit fit for your body.

Andrea Iyamah Feature

Source: Andrea Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah is best known for intricate cut-outs and print loving patterns. The latest collection is inspired by the Egyptian cultural story featuring symbols, patterns and colors that have been strategically placed on many of her styles. Her designs have been seen on some of your favorite celebrities and online personalities like Angela Simmons, Christina Milian, Claire Sulmers of the Fashion Bomb Daily and Necole Kane of xoNecole, just to name a few.

Here are a few lessons that we learned from our conversation with her:

Understand Your Body Type

As more and more consumers are shopping online to find their swimwear for the season, we asked Dumebi the best way to get the right fit for you body at She offered “Its important to understand your body type when choosing the right swimsuit style. Although many times women may still be unsure about sizing especially when online shopping, our customer service agents are always ready to assist with sizing inquiries.”

She really broke it down for us using a few styles from her new collection:

If you’re pear shaped, try the Gharu Swimsuit:

Gharu Bikini

Source: Andrea Iyamah

If you have an athletic build, try the Ailah Swimsuit:

Ailah Bikini

Source: Andrea Iyamah

If you have an hourglass shape, try the Khira Swimsuit:


Khira Bikini

Source: Andrea Iyamah

If you have a petite frame, try the Narai Swimsuit

Narai Bikini

Source: Andrea Iyamah

If you’re full-figured, try the Nagha Swimsuit:

Nagha Bikini

Source: Andrea Iyamah

Don’t Crash Diet Right Before The Summer!

In regards to Summertime preparation, she advises that “Many women feel the pressure to crash diet right before the Summer if they weren’t able to reach their fitness goals during the cozy Winter. I think its important to start some realistic exercise goals such as morning runs, gym classes, long walks or yoga regardless of whether you reached your dream weight by Summer. Exercise will boost your energy and help you feel sexy to take on Summer with a positive spirit.”

“Your body is as beautiful as you choose to see it.”

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

As a body positive supporter, Dumebi wants to remind you that “Your body is as beautiful as you choose to see it. Confidence is one of the most important things to be comfortable in your own skin. Many women feel the need to lose or gain weight, which is completely fine, but its important to do it for you and not out of pressure. What’s most important is to love your body at every phase.”

“Crushing your insides because of how you look on the outside will only distract you from other things that will bring you happiness.”

Love Your Body

She, also, reminded us that “Its important to love your body, as is. I never imagined myself as a swimsuit designer because for a phase as a teenager, I wasn’t always comfortable with how my body looked. I wouldn’t wear shorts because I didn’t like how my legs were shaped or I, often, felt my arms looked funny. It was important for me to snap out of it and understand that there are so many things that make you beautiful besides your body. Crushing your insides because of how you look on the outside will only distract you from other things that will bring you happiness.”

“I believe the joy of persistence is in the process.”

Don’t Give Up On Yourself

When asked the advice that she would give to an up and coming designer, she said “As a fashion designer, I believe its important to educate yourself about other things that make up your brand besides the creative aspect. Read on marketing, business planning, funding, etc. it will better support your craft. You don’t have to go to the fanciest business school because we’re blessed with so much free knowledge online and brand transparency. Many creatives can be very discouraged by the lack of funds to continue or delay of desired results. I believe the joy of persistence is in the process. It gets hard and many times giving up seems like a better deal but its important to prove yourself in even the smallest ways, persistently. It all adds up eventually.”

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