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Disney star, clapback professor and Queen meme Skai Jackson continues to prove what a role model she is for young African-American girls. This can be seen in a recent interview she gave with the Huffington Post, where she talked about everything from succeeding in Hollywood, not rushing to get older and her love for Amandla Stenberg.

On having thick skin:

No one’s gonna like [everything] you do at the end of the day. There’s always gonna be someone who doesn’t like what you do who’s gonna always hate on you. But for me, I’m living for what I do, I’m living for myself…So I just don’t take any offense to it and I’ve dealt with it since I was 9 years old and even younger. And know that it doesn’t really matter what people say. I’m just rooting for myself.

On standing up to Azealia Banks:

“My mom would always tell me, “if someone bullies you, don’t just sit there and let them bully you. Do something about it or tell someone about it.” So I have always taken that on, what my mother said. And I kinda used that with the whole Azealia thing that just happened. I mean, she is a bully, she is an internet troll. So for me, reading all these racial slurs that she was saying to different celebrities in the past couple months — and I’m like the 30th person now — I felt that I just had to voice my opinion because I have dealt with bullies over the internet and in person.”

On looking up to Amandla Stenberg:

“…She is such a good role model for kids and even adults, too. So many adults love her. And she stands [up against] cultural appropriation and things like that that need to be spoken about… That is amazing, especially someone that young — only like 17 years old — is taking the time and doing these things.”

On being a meme

“I don’t know who created these but they actually did a pretty good job because it makes me laugh and I took no offense to it and that’s why I posted it on my Instagram and Twitter. It’s just really funny, and I have a good sense of humor. So I just thought, ‘oh wow, that’s cool now that I’m a meme and I’m on like all social media pages, on Twitter 24/7.’”

On future roles:

“I would definitely say doing more serious and dramatic films and even scary films. Scary movies are one of my favorite movies to watch and I’ve loved scary movies since I was like three years old… And I definitely want to do other things outside of acting. Maybe like producing, directing, things like that are still kind of in the acting field.”

We are definitely rooting for you too girl!


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