A prosecutor files criminal charges against a White teen for his racist online video. He's also offered a plea deal.

The gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast tells kids they "are not alone" on her mission to end bullying.

Messages were singed with hate, comparing her to Harambe the gorilla and sexualizing parts of her body.

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Stories like this are truly heartbreaking and show the downside of social media usage among teens. A 15 year-old tragically decided to commit suicide after a nude Snapchat video of her was leaked online. The Daily Beast uncovers all of the sad details of the horrifying incident that claimed the life of 15 year-old Tovanna […]

Plus, Ariz. TV reporter arrested after reportedly defecating on lawn while covering story and a Norfolk anchor clapbacks at viewer who complained about her jewelry.

The Disney star and clapback guru is our new favorite role model.

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In a society where people share and overshare details about their personal lives, there is a sense that nothing is out of bounds. Paparazzi will…

A Georgia school teacher has been fired after her scandalous selfies were leaked online, but there seems to be some dispute over how that happened. Lekeshia Jones…


Today, attorney Eugene K. Pettis will be sworn-in as the first black president of the Florida Bar Association. He will lead America’s second-largest state bar…