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Lee Daniels has exited stage left from the director gig for the Weinstein Company’s Richard Pryor movie/biopic.

The company is now on the hunt for a new director, so that things can keep rolling as planned. Originally, they were set to start filming in March of this year. But due to some scheduling issues with Daniels, they were forced to push it back.

We all know and LOVE Daniels for his amazing show Empire (that airs on Fox on Wednesday night by the way)…but he has a new music-driven show called Star in the works…and that is taking up much of his time. When Daniels tried to push the start date to October, TWC refused and said that they just are not going to wait any longer for his schedule to clear up.

Now, here’s the possible dilemma. The current cast is star studded…including Mike Epps as Pryor, Oprah Winfrey as his grandmother and Kate Hudson as Pryor’s widow. Which sounds AMAZING, right? But what could happen if they find a new director…is that the new director may want an all new cast! I’m not saying that they will, but it is a possibility??? And I truly believe that Mike Epps was meant for this role. So, I truly hope they stick with the cast that’s already selected…but for right now, it’s unclear if any cast members will exit with Daniels or if a new filmmaker will want to make revisions to the script.

As a movie lover myself, I don’t mind waiting for a great film. I mean we already waited forever. I remember hearing about this so called movie when I was a kid, in fact I think at one point Eddie Murphy was supposed to play Pryor? I said that to say that I don’t think any of us really mind waiting for a really good film.

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