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Ayesha Curry

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Ayesha Curry has more haters than half the Kardashian clan, for God knows why. But the wholesome wife and mother, knows how to defend herself when someone comes left field.

This was recently exhibited when a person dropped a comment on her Instagram page, on a photo of one of her favorite meals. “Dreaming of this delicious quail egg and truffle pasta…,” she says. A commenter by the name of @SportsTalkSal say, “Wow you can’t cook for s**t must be great to have a mvp as your lover.”

Aside from the grammar and spelling mistakes, that offended us, Curry wasn’t here for the disrespect.

“@SportsTalkSal What’s most funny about this is that this [is] a dish from one of the #1 chefs in the world and not mine,” the mother-of-teo responded. “Jokes on you. #read”

Meanwhile… Ayesha is preparing for her Food Network television show, in addition to promoting her new book, “The Seasoned Life” hitting stores Sept 20. And her NBA champion husband just beat a record 73-game winning streak with the Golden State Warriors.

So, bloop!

It’s crazy that trolls are still not learning to watch what they say on social media. But the more celebs clap back and put them on front street for being mean, hopefully, the more they’ll fall back.


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