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Dwayne And Whitley

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Kadeem Hardison and Jasmine Guy are about to give us all the 90s nostalgia when they reunite for a three-story-arc on ‘KC Undercover’, starring Zendaya.

HB spoke to Kadeem about what reuniting with Jasmine means to him and what it’s like to work with Zendaya.

“It was a dream come true,” he said, describing what it was like sharing the spotlight again with his former on-screen BAE.

“We did something magical a whole bunch of years ago and it doesn’t happen often. So having her back around, just being around her actor to actor. I can always go to her and say ‘what do you think of this?’ We bounce off each other because that’s what we came up doing,” he explained.

Kadeem took us back to that iconic scene, when Dwayne answered the call of true love and interrupted Whitley’s wedding. We asked him the behind the scenes scoop on what it was like filming that moment.

“That moment was tough because, I had a hard time committing to it as an actor. Committing to that whole ‘I’m going to break up their wedding’ thing just didn’t feel right, to the point that I asked them for a scene where Dwayne visits Whitley right before the wedding. I didn’t know how as characters we were going to go from fighting and I’m done with you to me breaking up the wedding. I was fighting with them Monday through Wednesday,” he explained, describing the intensity of the days leading up to the shoot.

But the day came, and he knew he had to deliver.

“As they started the wedding interruption scene, I fumbled a line. I didn’t want to do it again–that was the one thing I didn’t want to do. I wanted to do it once and I wanted to do it right and get out of there.”

Kadeem told HB that second “baby please” was actually him asking Jasmine to help him with his line.

“She didn’t know that, of course. But, the moment happened, and it felt right. One take. That was it.”

With that heart stopping moment still fresh in all of our memories over a decade later, it is clear that memorable moments like that rarely occur on TV these days. Kadeem expressed that Cookie and Lucious are the closest representation we have of Black love in modern television. Although they are far from the Dwayne and Whitley archetype, Kadeem explained audiences get to watch the evolution of Cookie and Lucious’ relationship in the same way.

Fast forward to his current role on ‘KC Undercover’, Kadeem says he and Zendaya learn a lot from each other.

“She’s really good. It’s not too much I need to tell her. She’s pretty dynamite as she is,” he said referring to the budding ingenue.

“She’s a producer on the show, which is amazing because she just turned 19. So she has a lot of say. She picks up on stuff that I wouldn’t pick up on. Stuff that may slip by me, doesn’t get by her.”

With Zendaya and Kadeem already working well together, we can only imagine how much better it’s going to get when Jasmine joins the team.

Relive the magic of Dwayne and Whitley when the episode premieres on Disney Channel April 10th 8p EST.


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