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Just in case the cliffhanger on last week’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York really had you curious about who won the Gwinning Fest XL, it was Bianca, which wasn’t a surprise. Even though she lip synched, her act was polished, which left Yandy a proud manager.

Peter Gunz is taking his daughter Whitney’s advice  and is getting vasectomy (or so he says). He later on accompanied Tara to one of her ultrasounds and broke the news about getting the big snip snip. She seemed surprised and said she’d believe it when she sees it. So, she wants to see it again…


I digress.

Meanwhile, Amina remains in the dark because she refuses to talk to Peter. As far as that vasectomy though, hopefully he actually went through with it.

In another rare moment where we actually get to see Papoose and Remy Ma together doing the #BlackLove thing…

Pap wasted no time reminding Remy that she’s still on probation, and that she needs to check the people around her, particularly Rashidah, who likes to pop off out of the blue. What Remy takes away from the conversation is that she should talk to Rah and Yandy about the tension between them, especially after Rah faded Yandy’s friend. Pap be knowing, and you can’t be mad at how he keeps his wife together…and out of jail.


The hardest part of the episode is Mendeecees getting sentenced to 8 years. I mean, we’ve known about this forever now, but it’s still sad.


Everyone in Mendeecees’ life is heartbroken, especially Yandy, and his biggest concern is getting his family on the same page, so he decides to have a dinner with all his children’s mothers together to make sure everyone is on the same page about what happens when he goes down.

Yandy and Tara hadn’t seen each other in a while, so Yandy was surprised to see Tara pop up at 8 months pregnant (Tara had been keeping it a secret). Yandy is visibly disturbed when Tara reveals who the father is and basically forces Tara to confront her messy behavior. Tara claims that she has come to terms with it, but like…it wasn’t too long ago (earlier in her hidden pregnancy) that she was claiming to be over Peter, and that she only moved closer to him for the sake of her kids. Mmmhmm.

Rah and Yandy finally got together at a bachelorette shindig for Remy and had a heart to heart. Basically, Rah is being petty (but we knew this). She thinks that Yandy is a fly by night friend (aka she’s probably feels threatened by Yandy’s presence in Remy’s life). Yandy just wants them to not have drama, and you can tell she thinks this whole thing is silly. In the end, they manage to not argue, and actually agree to get along for the sake of their mutual friend’s wedding.


The episode concludes with Mendeecees meeting with the three mothers of his kids (Yandy included), his mom, and the mother of Little Mendeecees’ mom. For a moment, Mendeecees’ mother and Little Mendeeces’ grandmother get into it, but Mendeecees manages to calm the situation down before anyone leaves prematurely, and gets to the point, which is that he wants to continue seeing his children while he’s in jail. Everyone is on the same page.

Hopefully, by some miracle, he won’t have to serve the full eight years. Wishful thinking, or nah?


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