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Wednesday is Hump Day and it’s also Wildin’ Out Wednesday on NewsOne Now, the perfect time for a few laughs to help you make it through to the end of the week.

This week’s comedic panel features Cletus KassadyRoz Washington, and Ky Morgan. Host Roland Martin and the Wildin’ Out Wednesday crew took a few moments to analyze how the semi-popular sweater vest was a “fat man’s comfort zone,” according to Kassady, and how he likes to rock a vest because he doesn’t want to iron his entire shirt.

Later during the laugh-fest, they discussed Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson challenging President Barack Obama’s Blackness during a recent Politico interview.

Kassady seemed to agree with Carson: “If he did, he would have had at least one uncle that would have came out and ruined his attempt for presidency.”

Kassady took it a step further, asking, “How many times you seen him have a cook-out at the White House?” He quickly answered his own question: “Zero. He ain’t have nan cook-out — he ain’t grow up Black.”

Roz Washington challenged Kassady’s opinion on the Blackness of Pres. Obama when she asked, “What other president had their mother-in-law staying at the White House — that is nothing but Black.” 

The comedian who self-identified as Ky Morgan questioned if Carson “wanted Obama to have Rottweilers and pit bulls running around the White House?” 

Or, maybe who President Obama had visit the White House qualifies him as Black? Kassady said, “He (Pres. Obama) had Kendrick Lamar, all kinds of rappers,” and Roland Martin added that Jay Z and Beyonce have also visited the president in the Situation Room.

Morgan added Obama playing basketball as another aspect of the president’s life that could sway the Black-enough-meter in the right direction.

But, in what would seem to be the most qualifying measure of Pres. Obama’s Blackness, Washington said, “Obama smoked Newports — he is Black enough!”

Whatever the factors, we know one thing to be true: Obama must be Black, because Republicans sure treat him as such.

Watch Roland Martin and this week’s panel bring the funny in the video clip above.

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