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When the mistress and the wife get together you get a strange bonding session between Mellie Grant and Olivia Pope. Mellie should still hate Olivia, but realizes that Olivia can help her achieve her dreams of White House success.

Mellie’s autobiography is step one on the journey to getting Mellie elected president. Olivia has been hard on Mellie, claiming that her content is boring and wants Mellie to dig deep, especially about the affair. Olivia noted that people would want to know what made Mellie turn a blind eye to Fitz’s affair, you know, the juicy stuff. Mellie gave a fluff answer at first (like the stoic WASP she is), but later on in the episode, the truth finally gets revealed. They ended up having a bonding session while drinking Mellie’s special hooch where the truth finally came out.

Mellie said she stayed “because it worked.” The Olitz affair actually gave Mellie space and freedom. She said she began losing herself as a mom and a senator’s wife (and then First Lady), and hated that life. Being alone gave her space and she started liking herself again. Therefore, she felt the affair was working for everyone. Olivia kept Fitz occupied, Fitz was happy and she had her freedom.

“I stayed because the three of us, we worked.”

Olivia informed Mellie that this is too candid, and that she can’t put this stuff in her book if she’s serious about becoming president, but after more digging they finally figured out what they were going to write. More on that later.

Liz and David, respectively, have been trying to convince Susan to run for president. Susan is hesitant and later reveals to David, while dining at Gettysburger, that she knows why she was chosen as VP. She knows that Mellie chose someone who was “useless, unpolished and unelectable because Mellie is a coward.” As a result Susan would rather not put herself through the humiliation of an election. You know she’s talkative, so she went on a long self-deprecating rant, but David stopped her mid ramble with a kiss. But um…isn’t David taken? Yup, Liz is David’s boo thang, and Liz put him up to seducing Susan so that she would consider running against Mellie. The ish is about to hit the fan. This is a power play for Liz because if she gets a candidate in the White House she is back in control.

Speaking of, the episode concludes with Mellie’s leaked memoir pages being blasted all over the media. Of course Olivia encouraged Mellie to do this for publicity (but you know they denied it)! It’s important to get the buzz going asap to get an edge over competition. It seems like the book is going to be as juicy as it needs to be, and this bizarre Olellie (Olivia + Mellie) friendship might turn out to be the greatest.


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