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Phaedra and Todd, and by extension, Kandi’s beef was the main theme of tonight’s episode. If you recall, Todd and Kandi felt some type of way because Phaedra owed Todd money for a prenatal workout DVD that was never completed.

Todd stopped by Phaedra’s office to have their long overdue chat. Phaedra claimed she gave Todd the final payment, but he literally had receipts and it turned out that Phaedra owed him about $8,000 in addition to an image that was crucial to completion of the video. Why Todd took so long to get his money is still a mystery. I mean, to him $8K might not be a lot, but freelancers everywhere know it’s more about the principle.


Messing with Phaedra, though, she might still give him the run around when it comes to producing the final check, even after this conversation. You know how shady she is.

Speaking of shady, Kandi still felt some type of way about the situation, mainly because Porsha was caught (by DonJuan) talking smack about the situation with Phaedra, and that fact that Porsha seems to be going extra hard for Phaedra these days despite the fact that Kandi has actually supported her more.

Kandi and Porsha tried to have this conversation at the end of the episode, during an event for Cynthia’s eyewear line (because that was appropriate), but things didn’t go well. Porsha didn’t want to have the conversation because DonJuan and Carmon present. The latter two weren’t trying to start trouble, they were really just backing Kandi up, particularly DonJuan, since he was the one who overheard Porsha’s conversation with Phaedra. Mind you, Phaedra wasn’t even at Cynthia’s event. You know she’s the throw a rock and hide her hand type (coincidentally similar to Kenya, but with more finesse). Anyway, DonJuan apologized to Porsha for his part, but again, the conversation didn’t go far before Porsha stormed off. I guess she was concerned about getting jumped by the Kandi Koated Nights Krew.

All wasn’t lost though. Porsha invited Kandi to lunch another day, where they hashed everything out. Basically, Kandi still isn’t happy with Porsha riding for Phaedra, but Porsha thinks Phaedra needs the support given everything she has been through with Apollo. Kandi pulled out a tiny violin because she knows that Phaedra can be manipulative and plays the victim well. There was no real resolution here, but at least Kandi and Phaedra were able to move forward…for now.

You know this ain’t over, though. See you guys next week.


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