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Dear Tom,

My husband Eric Rayfield is a wonderful, kind, loving father, and husband.  Though he struggle’s everyday with his health, because he is a disabled veteran and unable to work; he never allows that to get him down. Ten years ago we owned a restaurant, “big daddy’s smokehouse”, but do to blood clots in his lungs (service related), Eric suffered a heart attack; which caused us to lose not only our restaurant, but our home.

We were homeless for about 18 months, but that never got my husband down; he homeschooled all 5 of our children while we lived house to house.  He desperately tried to get his restaurant back, but never could. He settled as a caterer, and now operates “holy smokers catering”.   He still can’t seem to generate enough money to help his family.   Though I am employed part-time at our church, we struggle to make ends meet with 4 children and 1 disabled adult child.

I would love to surprise him with a mobile barbecue that he can take out and sell his delicious food to the multitudes. I would be a great confidence builder and return him to the “the provider.”

You know Tom how difficult it can be for a man to see his family struggle and not be able to help.  It does something to the ego.  We know his food is awesome, because he recently participated in a barbecue competition in Delaware to help a friend and they won “people’s choice” for best ribs.  If you can please do this, you would be restoring a family, and we will be glad to send the crew a few samples of some great barbecue! Thank you and blessings.

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