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Before President Obama leaves office, he’s going to make sure students see an immediate change in the school systems. He’s instructed the Department of Education to only offer “high-quality” tests, minimize test taking to only 2% of class time and eliminate “kill and drill” style preparation.

According to NBC, these are the initial steps in repealing President Bush’s 2002  “No Child Left Behind” Act which mandated reading and math tests yearly for students to ensure proficiency in those subjects.

“States said meeting those goals by the deadlines were costly, were overly rigid and created a climate of tension for students and teachers.The Obama administration introduced waivers so states could opt out of many of the requirements. Now, Congress is in the middle of rewriting education law that would essentially do away with NCLB” reported NBC.

Obama recently met with teachers, educators, outgoing Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the nominee to replace him, John King. This think-tank was to help introduce more creative ways in which students can learn.

In a new Facebook video Obama begins with asking the question, “If your kids had more free time in school, what would you want them to do with it? A.) Learn to play a musical instrument? B.) Study a new language C.) Learn how to code HTML D.) Take more standardized tests?”

The President goes on to say, “When I look back at the great teachers that helped shape my life, what I remember isn’t the way they helped prepared me to take a standardized test, what I remember is the way they taught me to believe in myself, be curious about the world and take charge of my own learning so I could reach my full potential.”

“Learning is about so much more than just filling in the right bubble” he said.


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