Acting Education Secretary John King is on a mission to reset the tone about teachers. Under the new federal education law, teachers will have greater input in education policy.

"Learning is about so much more than just filling in the right bubble."

President Barack Obama has given 10 states permission to pursue their school reforms without adhering to the standards of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), and another 28 states are expected to receive similar approval by the end of the month. Rather than dealing with the standards of a system that has been criticized […]

WASHINGTON-Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he will announce a new waiver system Monday to give schools a break from student testing mandates in the federal No Child Left Behind law. Critics say the benchmarks are unrealistic and brand schools as failures even if they make progress. Schools and districts where too few kids pass the […]

VIA THE WASHINGTON POST: The nation’s students are mired at a basic level of reading in fourth and eighth grades, their achievement in recent years largely stagnant, according to a federal report Wednesday that suggests a dwindling academic payoff from the landmark No Child Left Behind law. But reading performance has climbed in D.C. elementary […]