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Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez

In honor of tonight’s new episode of Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood, we ranked the sleaze-factor of all the men in the franchise. Take a look.

7. Rich Dollaz 

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We can’t be mad at Richie Dollaz. The only thing we’re really annoyed about is how he finesses his way into the lives of numerous women with relative ease. He’s pushing over 40, but wooing women like Erica Mena like he was The Bachelor. Rich is just an old dog with a bevy of tricks. Diamond, Jhonni Blaze, and now Monience have been swept off their feet, and two out of three received the Richie D treatment in a public bathroom. Richie has zero chill.

6. Ray J

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It’s an addiction. I’m addicted to the after party.” Brother Ray, to say partying is your biggest affliction is downright pathetic. But then again, when you have A-1 quality women throwing themselves at you with regularity, you can’t fault him, right? We’ve witnessed an abundance of women haplessly fall in love with the R&B heartthrob without him even uttering a single note. We’ve seen the demise of Teairra Mari. We’ve seen the debacle of a relationship with Ray and Princess. After having a candid conversation with his on and off again girlfriend Princess about his “addiction,” you would have thought Ray was a changed man. Let’s just say Ray is still the same ol’ dog. Woof.

5. Kirk Frost

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We’ll be real. We thought Kirk was the most respectable dude in Love & Hip-Hop at one point. Our guy was a family man who managed his wife in hopes of establishing a prosperous future for themselves. Well, just like every dude on the show, his biggest vice was women. Sadly, Kirk succumbed to the scrum when he found himself chilling with Benzino after his wife Rasheeda told him to “Do You.” Of course, Kirk took that to mean go mess with two randoms in a hot tub while she was pregnant. Luckily, Kirk has been on his best behavior as of late.

4. Cisco

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Cisco marched his way onto the Love & Hip-Hop f-ckery this past season for the city of New York. Of course, he followed his fellow comrades Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz by dogging his girlfriend Diamond Strawberry, the daughter of New York Mets great, Darryl Strawberry. How did Cisco manage to sabotage his relationship with Diamond? He cheated on her with another woman and ended up getting her pregnant. Wait, it gets worse; he didn’t tell Diamond for more than a year. Nuts.

3. Yung Joc

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He’s a whole different kind of animal. Joc is a walking disaster. The man has four baby mamas and eight children. He just doesn’t know how to keep his hands out the cookie jar. On numerous occasions, Joc was trying to juggle multiple women. He still had a thing for baby mama number four Sina, even though he was in a relationship with Khadiyah. The man was licking chocolate off his baby mama on live TV, knowing he had a girlfriend. Trill? Maybe. Stupid? Most definitely.

2. Stevie J

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The originator of dogging chicks is Mr. Stevie J. Stevie is just a full-fledged dog with zero regard for human life. Stevie has an extensive resume consisting of sex-laden relationships, headlined by his current flame, Joseline Hernandez. Peep this: Stevie cheated on Mimi with Joseline, cheated on Joseline with a horde of women, messed with his ex-best friend Benzino’s wife – before they were married – and more. The funny thing about Stevie J is that he’s oblivious to his own infidelity. Dude will throw on the Scooby face while haphazardly jumping from woman to woman. Stevie has calmed down a bit, so because of his good behavior, he’s not the highest on this list.

1. Peter Gunz

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Petey Pete Gunz is a walking abomination. Before it was wildly hilarious to watch Petey Gunz slyly maneuver his way between two women. Now, it’s just a damn shame. Petey lied to his pregnant wife about doing a business deal out of the country, just so he could hang out with his baby mama and kids on an island. Who does that? Just like Brother Ray, Pete suffers from the same affliction: women. “That’s my Achilles heel, women.” Sigh.

Watch Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood tonight at 9 p.m. on VH1.


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