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Former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Lewis is known for his exploits on the field and some of his struggles off the field, which he’s sharing in his new book, I Feel Like Going On: Life, Game, and Glory coming out in October. He’s also working with Michelle Obama on her Let’s Move program, something as a former athlete, he takes a personal interest in. He’s got his own campaign, Inspire.


“When me and Michelle’s campaign first started…we figured out that our initiatives are really the same. We’re in the same fight. It’s what my new movement is all about. A lot of  us are doing a lot of things individually but it’s so important that like-minded people like myself and Mrs. Obama get together and combine.

We want to teach people you must take care of your body because it’s the only thing you have at the end of every day on this earth,” Lewis said. “We partnered with TD Jakes’ Mega Fest this year and it turned out really well. I’m really looking forward to the things that we have planned.”

As far as the kinds of post-football injuries that have plagued other retired NFL players, Lewis says that he’s been fortunate not to have to suffer from those issues. Concussion-related brain injuries, depression and even violence have been thought to the outcome for some players after years of playing a violent sport. But Lewis says he’s been fine.

“I can’t remember if I’ve ever had a concussion,” says Lewis. “I remember being beaned, of course, I made  many collisions. God favored me. I played the game at a very high level and I never really speared people with my head or had any head problems at all. This is the glory side of life. The glory is not in playing the game.

The glory side is being able to play the game, get out of the game and then be able to look back at the game. I did that and I served my time respectfully. This is my time and I really rejoice that I don’t have to do those vigorous workouts anymore. Everything I do now is for me. I do feel sorry for my brothers and I do everything in my power to help them out, but man, I made it out.”

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