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Elise’s Master Plan

Elise meets with Forrest and Paula and relays the message that the other divas (including Ra’Shawn) don’t want to do The White Sistas anymore (this isn’t true though, because Lisa said she was still in, more on that later). Paula and Forrest are excited, especially Forrest, who lets it be known that “he doesn’t like any of them anymore” (mind you, Lisa is planning a surprise reception for their re-commitment ceremony). This meeting seems to be coming off more as their fiendish plot to take over The White Sistas, because Elise emphasizes that they’re now free to prepare paper work and move forward with casting new ‘sistas,’ producing, and adds that the divas who opted out will get credits as consultants. Um…wow, just when you wanted to root for Elise, smh.

Back to That Reception That Lisa is Planning…

Lisa invites Char and Countess to the venue she’s looking at for the party. Char just kind of sits there and nods, as usual. Countess isn’t with the idea of this marriage renewal at all, and she actually gets the quote of the night award.

“That’s like going to a baby shower and the girl done had 15 kids,” she said noting that Paula and Forrest have been married for like 10 years already.

Being happily married for 10 years is definitely something to celebrate, so I’m not mad at the idea of a commitment ceremony. However, because this is Paula Jai and Forrest we’re talking about, we’ll let Countess pass on that shady boots moment because it was funny and in this case true. The drama of this re-commitment ceremony alone, just because of the people involved, is exhausting, so you can’t blame her for not being enthused. Plus, Forrest and Paula seem like the types who would be mad if they didn’t get a gift.

 The Pre-Main Event

Lisa visits Paula while she’s getting her hair done for the ceremony. Paula tells her what Elise told them about the meeting, which was that everyone wanted out. But actually, Lisa was the only one who didn’t want out, and brought that point up. However, Lisa makes it a point to drop it at the moment since this is Paula’s big day, but she does plan to confront Elise at some point.

Later on, Lisa and Golden get to chatting, and Lisa spills the tea about what Elise told Paula and Forrest. Golden, of course, isn’t happy with this news, and goes on this fake refined spiel about not being immature when she sees Elise at the ceremony because she has a child. Whatever. Passive aggressive is still immature. Countess comes through, and Golden gives her the tea too. So now, all these women who claim to “not want to ruin Paula’s day” have it out for Elise. They all claim they’re not going to be messy for the sake of the ceremony, but like…they’re currently being messy. 

Elisa arrives with cupcakes and Lisa, Countess, and Golden are actually cordial, and tolerate her for a hot second. Lisa tries to bring up The White Sistas, but Elise shuts it down for the sake of the ceremony.

The Main Event

Forrest shows up in a dapper blue suit looking like Eddie Kane from the Five Heartbeats, as Lisa perfectly sums it up.


The fact that he’s taking deep long swigs from a full-size bottle of cognac is what ups the Eddie Kane factor. That and, the suit and bow tie really do make him look like he’s about to bust out with, “Nights like this…” I digress.

They read their vows and seal the deal–not with a kiss first–but with Forrest handing Paula the last little swig from his bottle of cognac. Mmmkay. Whatever works for them…I guess.

In the end, no one snatched anyone’s wig off. The ladies manage to keep it civil for the sake of celebrating love. However, there’s a divide in the group. At the moment it’s Forrest, Paula and Elise in one corner, and everyone else in the other…and The White Sistas still ain’t out yet with no date in site.


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