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I swear, it took every bit of energy not to fall out of my chair laughing. My wife looked at me and I could get out was, “Handle your business.” Liam lost all of his privileges that night and had to go straight to bed. As I helped to put away all of his toys, Liam cried incessantly for leniency. The fact was, he got very lucky that night. In the 12 years we’ve been together, I’d rarely seen my wife so angry. Had Liam been a tad bit older, she probably would’ve socked him in the mouth.

Throughout the ordeal, I was able to hold it together without needing a diaper myself. It was a crucial moment in Liam’s development, as it will set the tone for how he will deal with others later.

I’d like to think we handled it correctly. Liam still gets angry when he hears “no” at times and we allow him to feel that and express it. While his vocabulary is still limited, he’s learning to use his words instead of his hands.

That s*** was still funny though!

What has a child in your life done that made you want to fall out laughing but you had to keep it together to avoid encouraging bad behavior? What did you do to keep a straight face? Drop it in the comments section below and let’s all have a good laugh among ourselves without the kids seeing.

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