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Countess Delivers The Hookup 

Countess Vaughn hooked up Elise Neal, Golden Brooks, Shar Jackson, Lisa Wu, and Paula Jai Parker with the Tom Joyner Cruise since she couldn’t go. You would think cruising, boozing, and mingling with the 10 fans who would actually recognize them on the street would keep them calm, but nope. There was still catty fighting and bickering.

The tension stemmed from Countess’s nude picture fail unveiling party. Remember the argument that erupted outside where Lisa demanded answers from Elise about allegedly trying to take the rights to The White Sistas? Well that fight was the theme of the episode because Golden wasn’t present for that. However, Elise wasn’t going to make it to the boat until three days after the cruise began, so they’d have to wait  to square everything away with the whole group (sans Countess, of course).


Elise’s absence didn’t stop the gossip, though. Lisa, Paula, Shar and Golden came together for dinner, but it wasn’t peaceful because Lisa immediately started going in. Lisa explained that she called Elise out at Countess’s party because she was trying claim The White Sistas, and felt that Paula was backpedaling on the fact that it was a group project, since she wasn’t really shutting Elise down. Paula explained that she and Forest reached out to Elise to try to get her to broker a deal for The White Sistas since she had the connection they were looking for. Elise, according to Paula, said that she wanted the rights to The White Sistas, but that belongs to Forrest. Say what, now? Yup. Forrest had the rights to The White Sistas the entire time Paula was trying to act like it was a collaborative project, and then Elise was trying to swoop in on the action too. Golden and Lisa were livid because they claimed they should all have rights since they partially wrote it. Paula denied that they contributed creatively, even though, they’re on camera collaborating on this project. And then Golden accused Paula of giving ownership to Forrest simply to feed his ego. Meanwhile, Shar was sitting there with her eyes glazed over because none of this applied to her, but it sure was juicy.

They managed to host a panel discussion with Tom Joyner without shading each other about who starred in the best d-list movie, and bickering like children, but when it came to the acting workshop they were supposed to give, more drama arose.

Workshop Drama

Shar was charged with creating the flyers, but she left Lisa’s face off and Lisa felt some type of way about it, so she questioned Shar about why she left her off. Shar said she felt it was best to have more recognizable faces on the flyer and Lisa was annoyed. Golden was also annoyed and wanted to ride for her friend, so she came to Lisa’s defense claiming that Shar was being shady and that she hadn’t done any work since Moesha. Shar (and IMDB) said that wasn’t true and Lisa held on to her claim that she was a working actress. In fairness, there is actually stuff on Lisa’s IMDB page, but…

Basically, Maya from Girlfriends was defending the woman formerly of Real Housewives of Atlanta who hasn’t had an acting role that anyone can remember, had the nerve to toss shade around about who has done what as if any of them…nevermind. They. All. Get. The. Side. Eye.

Golden and Lisa were petty and didn’t show up to the workshop, but Paula and Shar still did well without them. The latter two shared their trials and tribulations about being Black actresses in Hollywood, and gave advice to women in the audience about how to break into the business, and how to create more roles for Black women. The audience seemed to appreciate the advice and everything worked out.

Elise missed all the action for the first three days, but the ladies planned to confront her when she finally arrived, so that everyone could get to the bottom of her alleged plan to take the rights to The White Sistas. We’ll have to wait until next week for that, though.


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