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FILE Changes Announced In Maternity Services

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An Albany, Georgia woman has been charged with malice murder after an abortion attempt caused her to prematurely deliver her five-and-a-half month-old fetus, which died just thirty minutes later, WALB reports.

The woman, 23-year-old Kenlissa Jones, was also charged with possession of a dangerous drug after she purchased the “abortion pill” on the internet that caused her delivery. She delivered the fetus in the car while on the way to the hospital.

The drug, identified as Cytotec, was purchased from a source in Canada, the site writes.

WALB reports:

Jones’ brother and family were stunned to hear the news.

“At that point we didn’t even know she was pregnant,” said her brother Rico Riggins. “And so my first real reaction was like, why she keeping it away from us. Once she took those pills, from the way I’m understanding it, she was in a world of hurt for a while,” Riggins said.

“We lost what would have been a nephew for me. And everything. And then my sister,” said Riggins.

Jones was taken to the Dougherty County Jail without bond. According to the site, Jones’ case will likely go before a grand jury “because Georgia and federal laws will need to be explored.”

Georgia law states that no abortions are authorized after the first trimester unless it is performed in a licensed hospital, in a licensed ambulatory surgical center, or in a health facility licensed as an abortion facility by the Department of Community Health.

Riggins and his wife were granted guardianship of Jones’ 2-year-old son.



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