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Dear Tom,

I am a single mother of eight.  One of my children passed away in 2014 and my two eldest have moved on. My younger five are living with me.  I work as a high school substitute teacher.  I was fortunate to work every day, but because I earn a flat hourly rate instead of a salary, my income is limited.

I am struggling trying to make ends meet. I have had no lights or water since the beginning of May when my children and I moved to a cheaper house to rent.  I paid for my rent and deposit, but I have no money to get my electricity or water turned on.     I thought I could just transfer my utilities to the new place and make payment arrangements, like I have done in the past, but because of an outstanding balance from my last residence that can’t happen.

Tom, I am hoping you would grant my Christmas wish so I can properly take care of my children.

I have no stove or refrigerator in the new place because I could not get the oven out of my other house and the refrigerator was broken. My Christmas wish is to ask for your help to get my utilities turned on and a new stove and refrigerator.

I am afraid that our circumstances are about to become even harder during the summer months when I am out of work.   I have no one else to turn to since my family lives far from me. I did try community services, but it has been two weeks and I haven’t heard anything.  Please, help me for my children’s sake.

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