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Tamir Rice

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Some of our faith in humanity has been restored.

A GoFundMe initiative has raised enough money to move Samaria Rice out of a homeless shelter and into a new home after her heartbreak over the death of her son Tamir forced her to leave her home and move into a homeless shelter.

Rice couldn’t bear to reside in the home so close to the park where her son was shot and killed by cops in the middle of the day back in November. To Rice, the move into a homeless shelter felt necessary to maintain her current emotional and financial state. On top of a heavy heart still reeling from her son’s death, the legal fees of her civil rights lawsuit were beginning to mount.

Yet by the kindness of the Tamir Rice Memorial Fund, a GoFundMe campaign, over $46,000 has been raised. Through those donations, and with surviving kin by her side, it’s been confirmed that Rice has been able to move into a new home. The money will also help with the legal fees of her case for Tamir’s justice.

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On Monday, via a court filingthe Rices asked for a Cleveland judge to resist from postponing their lawsuit against officers Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback, as the cops had requested. Delaying the case would increase the legal fees they’ve already obtained.

With the criminal investigation still pending some 6 months since Tamir’s death, the body of the boy has still not been buried. Additionally, neither a funeral or some form of justice have been actualized. It breaks our hearts to even write those words.

Thankfully, the Tamir Rice Foundation, since February, has been looking out for the family. Initiated in Tallahassee, Florida, it’s goal is to help the Rice’s with their legal woes. The $46,000 has also given Samaria a peace of mind to move into a new home in Cleveland. A home where she can appropriately heal and continue fighting for her young son’s justice.

Just when we thought society has let us down or had broken our hearts again, news like this uplifts our spirits.

Here at HelloBeautiful, we’ll continue to send our best for Samaria’s well-being and support her fight for Tamir’s civil rights.

Here’s hoping next time we report on Tamir, we’ll have even better news about the status of the case.


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