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Sigma Alpha Epsilon

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A few days after the now disbanded Oklahoma University fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter got booted off campus and dissolved, board members for the group hired lawyer Stephen Jones to weigh their legal options. The Washington Post is reporting, the high-powered attorney held a press conference yesterday, where he revealed he was brought on to” assist them in evaluating” their legal issues. SAE were swiftly reprimanded on Monday when a student uploaded a video of the frat members singing a racist chant. Later in the week, two of its members were also kicked out of the university after University of Oklahoma president David Boren rebuked their actions and stated:

 Leadership role in leading a racist and exclusionary chant.

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Jones is no stranger to controversy, he served as the lead defense attorney for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. While Jones agreed the actions by the fraternity were not to be excused, he claimed the university and Boren made a “premature rush to judgement” and implied all member were racists. Jones stated:

We stand ready to protect the rights of the student members,. I’m not ruling out a lawsuit. I’m saying our preference is to proceed with a non-legal solution … If that’s not possible, then obviously we’ll have to consider other possibilities.

SAE considered to be one of the largest fraternities in the U.S., has denied the claims made by the expelled students they learned the offensive and derogatory chat by other fraternity members.


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