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In case you have been living under a rock this week (or have given up social media for Lent), one blue and black dress has pitted the masses against each other. Why?

Someone posted a picture of a seemingly blue and black dress on the internet, questioning whether it was actually blue and black because their friends were seeing a white and gold dress. And with that, all you know what broke loose.

The internet was on the verge of breaking (sorry Kim, you had nothing on this) with an onslaught of people arguing back and forth over whether this dress is black, blue, gold, white, b-gold, glack, bhite (okay, the last three are completely made up) but people were undoubtedly going crazy over it.

Here’s the infamous photo and dress:


Do you see black and blue or white and gold – funny enough, both answers are acceptable. WHAT?! According to Business Insider, no one is wrong or right. Yes, the actual dress is sold in black and blue but the lighting of the photo will affect the way different people see it. The site explains, “People are seeing the dress in varying colors due to the different ways in which they perceive colors. As a result, some are seeing it as white and gold, while others are seeing it as blue and black. Some see it as both. ”

:::wipes head:::

I’m just happy I’m not losing my mind.

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